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The True

The True

Upcoming date: December 2019

Genre: Survivor horror/logic

Platform: PS4

Current game is a continuation of the storyline of the game - “Laws of Machine”.

The game “The True” starts immediately after the events happened in the game “Laws of Machine” - DR12 got damaged after sacrificing the energy of his neurospheres for saving the life of his Creator – Professor Sharpey.

In the game “The True” we play that same Sarah to whom Professor addressed in his files, found by robot in the first part of the game (“Laws of Machine”).

Badri Bebua


Tobias Oneil Posted on11:12 AM - 23.09.2020

Yep, on the lion statue puzzle in the underground mansion and its just…not working. Cannot tell if i am just stupid or if there is something wrong with the game.

    Badri Bebua Posted on11:50 AM - 23.09.2020

    Hi Tobias,

    Spoilerss! be careful –> for Lion puzzle you need to turn on flashlight (R1) go to room with card figures on wall, than stand in center of 3 stones on the floor and point the flashlight at the wall and you will see the shadow with card figures

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